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About Us

Mission Statement

To provide a safe and fun environment for young players to grow in both skill and joy for the game of soccer.


1.Respect- Respect is a fundamental part of sports as tension may arise during a game that has to be resolved almost instantaneously. Therefore, respect needs to be present to guarantee cordial and correct interrelations between people, even above rules and standards.

2. Effort- Effort is a value that can take us to unthinkable heights and lead us to achieve targets and objectives that may seem too far away. Dedication, constancy, sacrifice, and perseverance all bear fruit, while luck and the search for a quick win are often fleeting.  

3. Ambition- Ambition is the desire to achieve the maximum performance and to do things not only well but also as well as is feasibly possible to improve each day.  Ambition involves the use of a web of values such as excellence, patience, discipline, order, and responsibility. Ambition is the surest way of achieving targets, as it is the impulse to grow.

4. Teamwork- Teamwork implies that the players form part of a group and that as a member they become an active participant that acts on behalf of the whole. There are undeniable benefits of knowing that you are part of a team and this requires the learning of many other values.

5. Humility- Often when athletes achieve goals they have set for themselves they start feeling superior in physical, psychological, and other terms.  This then leads them to forget certain basic values which have helped to achieve the very goals they have reached.  Humility consists of knowing how to be clear about one’s values, and to maintain and defend these values even in situations where you are clearly superior and more successful

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